Ending of

Sex Trafficking


*The University of Texas at Austin, School of Social Work, Institute on
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

85% of sex trafficking victims report having suffered childhood sexual abuse

Voice of Hope sex trafficking specific victim services:

  • case management
  • assistance completing Crime Victim’s Compensation paperwork
  • medical & law enforcement accompaniment assistance with placement into sex trafficking victim residential therapeutic programs
  • counseling
  • support groups

To learn more about combating sex trafficking in West Texas staff are available to provide training on this issue. Please contact Community Educator Leslie Timmons 806.763.3232 

What makes a child vulnerable to child sex trafficking? Pre-teen or adolescent girls are more susceptible to calculated advances, deception, and manipulation tactics used by traffickers/pimps- no youth is exempt from falling prey to these tactics.

Traffickers target locations youth frequent such as social media sites, schools, malls, parks, bus stops, shelters, and group homes. Runaway or homeless youth, as well as those with a history of physical and sexual abuse, may have an INCREASED risk of being trafficked.

*Shared Hope International

Sex Traffickers are continually trolling the internet posing as a teen girl or boy interested in friendship. The relationship is developed without threat until the unsuspecting child agrees to meet them, to send compromising photos or shares their deepest secrets with them. That’s when the predator can move in and begin to separate them.

*Shared Hope International

Voice of Hope efforts include spearheading the Sex Trafficking Allied Response Team (START).

Voice of Hope assisted 55 sex trafficking victims in 2016; 21% of those cases involved persons 21 years old or younger; 27% of those received medical care.

Voice of Hope exists for survivors of sex trafficking/sexual assault.

The staff, the Board of Directors and the volunteer Advocates of Voice of Hope
are committed to survivors, their trauma, their courage and
the resolution of their crisis.

We are currently working alongside OneVo!ceHome to establish a shelter in our community for victims of sex trafficking.  Please take a moment to read more information on how you can help Voice of Hope and end Sex Trafficking by clicking the link.